I am a dreamer. I am an artist. I am WowSig!

My name is Aakanksha Chopra and I like to think that my life's purpose (if there's any) is to be happy and spread beauty all around. I am a design student and strongly believe in gender equality. In my spare time, I love creating and appreciating art. And, oh, yes, I can snuggle with a book any day of the year (thank goodness, my husband is a bookworm too!). People think I am weird but I know there's one life, so I better be me.

The easiest way to know me is to explore my work or read my blog (the links above may help). I have purposely not put my CV or portfolio here because I like people who have patience to engage in a dialogue with me, the sort of people who are never in a rush to hop from one thing to another.

And then, we dance, to the tune of the waves. A little earth slipping beneath us, every time.

Like everyone else's, my life is an adventure too, so please don't judge me by my work or words (but by all means do criticize. I will try not to snap at you.)

Twitter is where I'm most active online. My handle @sia_steel is inspired by my childhood dream of setting up a steel foundry (an amazing human achievement that still fascinates me).

I hope we become friends, even if we may never get to know each other. Cool? Chal, फिट हैं!

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